Our Xoowee Formula

We work together to create the ultimate R.O.I.
Xoowee pronounced: Zoo(WE) is a form of freedom thru our collaborative team vision


We blueprint.

We understand what you need from a sales perspective and a marketing overview.

  • We'll have calls with your Sales and Marketing teams to align vision
  • We help or guide with sponsorships and vendors
  • Our Xoowee team can create a custom design for your event

Let Xoowee blueprint while we give you back time to... golf, get your hair 'did' or do 'work' stuff (don't worry, we won't tell your boss) 

we execute.

Our customer is you, the company.  We understand and do everything possible to ensure sales return on investment.

Let's be honest, prospecting is horrifying and rejection is hard every. single. day.  Simplify those cold methods with a B2B/B2C Xoowee event.

  • Assigned Xoowee quality consultant
  • Creative design
  • Streamlined communication throughout the event



Let Xoowee do the follow-up and help with the event aftermath.

  • We provide clear and simple data analytics from the event to keep conversations going and leads generating
  • Xoowee will always bring you the best in event software (i.e. data, badges, registration, and event experience) choices to support great event flow.
  • We close the gap of lead fall-off after the event.

We pride ourselves with what we call, a Xoowee B.O.B. What is Xoowee B.O.B. you ask? Give us a ring and find out ; ) hint: #aftertheevent