Our Team

Our strong and trustworthy team has over 15+ years in combined experiences in events, strategic branding, and corporate B2B sales. We pride ourselves in quality over quantity and ensuring we over exceed proposed standards. Even though our business is serious in results and great in sales ROI we love to have fun and provide a stress-free chill environment. 

‘Events That Create Sales Happiness’

Our foundation is around our Three F's: Faith x Family x Freedom and we stress this to each other and our customers to ultimately -- "Trust the process" We have a very unusual sense of quality that surpasses all expectations and is covered with premium finishes prior to the customer viewing the execution.  We pride ourselves in having and always recruiting diversity within our company; we’re only as good as our opportunities and we ensure to always move as one unit with transparency and consistency.

‘We’re The Sales Sharks of the Event Industry’

We’ve found our niche in blueprinting events emphasizing heavy sales ROI.  The foundation of sales is lost in the event industry and it’s been saturated with marketing and operational minded employees who are multi-dimensional with event branding but are lacking dimensions when it comes to sales.  Our scheme, blueprint, and purpose of conducting an event is to gain sales, gather the right data, and focus on the return of YOUR investment.  We love what we do and make sure we have fun with our people, execute our detailed process, and ensure we deliver an event with 'Sales Happiness'

EaaS “Events as a Service’




Edwin Perez

Edwin is the President and co-founder of Xoowee. He has lived all is life in the start-up and entrepreneurial world. Edwin has a wide variety of experience with creative activations in movies/documentaries and launch campaigns for the high end car industry. Edwin is a serial entrepreneur and is a marketing and high-end branding expert.


Lovey Sidhu

Lovey is the Director of Business Development and is responsible for heading the development team around software build/maintenance. He has had experience in building and partnering the Healthcare app development team for Aetna and currently holds a degree in business finance from CSUS.


Development Team

Our Development Team offers a wide variety of experiences and are the super heroes of our vision. They are in charge of our software, app, and development build; these Rockstar’s are the ones who write and execute the ideas we blueprint as a team.  Our purpose is to simplify the complications of B2B event badge printing, emphasize the forgotten artform of sales, and collect fun-detailed event data.

 We envision. We build. Powered by Xoowee.



Faraz has 5+ Years of experience in Database Development. He has the ability to handle issues independently as well as work with teams having varying backgrounds on complex issues and have strong verbal and communication skills.

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Vikram has 10+ Years of experience in iOS app development. He is Proficient in managing end-to-end development of software products and closure with cross-cultural teams. He has experience in project management with insightful knowledge of analysis.



Apoorva has 5+ Years of experience in Web Development with Excellence in scripting, digital image manipulation and drawing skills key team contributor to Agile process and Sprint planning.


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