We have a true passion for sales.


The event sales ROI process is broken and there's little to non-existant companies in the industry that helps generate prospects effectively with a synergistic human blueprint and data capture technology . 

We're an eclectic group, we love to have fun and help in any way we can. Collectively we have years of experience but what does that matter if we're not easy to work with. Give us a chat and lets find out how we can work together. 


Team Culture is our foundation.

Family x Friends x Freedom

Activation Marketing Magician.

Love marketing, traveling, and giving best in class client experiences? We may have a spot for you. . . 


  • Willingness to have fun, not stress the small stuff, and execute at a high level. 
  • Marketing experience in events, corporate structure, and activation branding.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • High energy, progressive thinking, and life of the party.

Social Media Cool Kid.

Seems easy right? No way, know how? Long story short, we need you to make us look cool and keep everyone up to date on how Xoowee can transform their sales shop. . .


  • You first have to be cool, totally kidding, but not?
  • Branding expert.
  • Multi-tasking bandit.
  • Inept in social followings, utilizing social apps, and analytical social data. 
  • Strong work ethic with the ability to travel and capture social gold moments.

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