"Events that create sales happiness"

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Xoowee pronounced: Zoo(WE) is a form of sales freedom through our collaborative team approach.


We promise a fun experience and creativity.  We work as a team and pride ourselves in quality, simplicity, and executing for: YOU, the company.

They brought together the vision I would’ve never thought of.
— Roland Johnson, MJE
Not only did they help with design but held calls with our sales directors to align on event goals.
— Jane White, BMW
Organization was key and fortunately we had them on our side of the ball.
— Becca Chang, Ball Up
The creative design and help was true simplicity at it’s finest.
— Amir Hussein, Pacquiao camp




We understand that sales is a huge component of the event and is the reasoning on why everyone is brought together.  The chemistry of our team understands that sales come first for the best overall experience. 

We've found it essential to help our clients get the right people to the right event and that's by through our Xoowee outreach niche.  Our consultants help with understanding your invitee process and ensuring all T's have been crossed and I's have been dotted.  We call ourselves the sales sharks of the event industry because we've collectively spent well over a decade in B2C and B2B sales.  We understand the art of the sale and the importance of qualification.   


Event's is our thing and technology is what we bring to the table.  We want to fully understand how you define success through the event and how we can conform the best possible outcome through our services.  We help in planning the event from A - Z or just covering the key points i.e. check-in process, data suggestions, to even walk through playbook.   

Our goal is to help as much as we can or fill in any gaps for your customized Xoowee event.  We've found the right balance to be proactive and reactive all in once so we aren't overbearing.  Is your event a training, B2C, or B2B event? We can mold any 'WE' gathering into a Xoowee data driven, ROI fulfilling, and excellent customer experience event.  If you're bringing people together in this crazy zoo world then we're your peeps to bring it all in.  


Data can be driven in various ways from a survey, RFID badge process, or check-in registration walk-thru. We've found a soft point with wireless printing badges. We gather all sorts of data points from how we pull, where we pull, and when we pull.  As we gather data-points we make it discreet enough for your clients to not disrupt their experience and drive the purpose of knowing your attendees.   

At the conclusion of the event we carry out with our xBOB process. The process is a gift given from our team which is the gold you need to mine your leads.  We make the xBOB marketing and sales intuitive so that your teams can speak the same language in event ROI.  Kick back and let us run point, we're your event-tech backbone.